Crush Of The Week: Stine Bramsen

30 07 2008

Stine Bramsen.

The first of our Weekly Crushes, 21 year old Stine Bramsen. Lead singer and only female member of 6 peice Danish band Alphabeat. According to Stine’s personal myspace page, she’s “not sure” of her orrientation…



Do you find being the only girl in the band a good or a bad thing?
For me, it’s a really, really good thing. It’s much more simple to be around boys, there’s much less drama, complications. Everything’s just a bit more easy. Girls can be a bit dramatic at times.

Do you feel you get a bit more attention because you’re the only female?
No, not really. I probably did the first couple of years but now we’ve been together for six years and I’m really just one of the boys.

Do you ever miss having no one to have a girly chat with?
Of course I miss my close girlfriends from Denmark and I just call them and the boys are pretty girly so you can have a girly talk with them once in a while.

Anders was also trying to tell me about the best parts of Denmark and he came up with pigs and bacon. Can you think of anything to trump that?
We have a lot of pretty ladies, as well. The girls in Denmark are a lot prettier than the UK girls, I think.

How do you rate on that scale?
I’m just somewhere in the middle of pretty girls in Denmark. There are a lot of really pretty girls.

From Stine's Mspace (c)

Video for Alphabeat’s ‘fascination’

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