Girl In A Coma

1 08 2008
Girl In A Coma

Girl In A Coma

Female rock trio Girl in a Coma formed in San Antonio, Texas in 2001. While Nina is often referred to as “the female version of Morrissey,” the band as a whole has been compared to The Smiths, Interpol and the Pixies. Drawing heavily from these influences (the band’s name, Girl in a Coma, comes from the classic Smiths song “Girlfriend in a Coma”), the Girls have managed to create a sound and style that not only pays homage to their heroes, but is uniquely their own.

Girl In A Coma

Girl In A Coma

In early 2006, the Girls found themselves back in New York City where they were introduced to two of their biggest fans Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna of Blackheart Records.

Currently the girls have been touring with Tegan & Sara. Check out their tour dates here.

Girl In A Coma – Clumsy Sky (2007)

Girl In A Coma – We Belong Together (live)

Credit: bfp2nd 

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Aimee Mann

30 07 2008

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann was born in Richmond, Virginia, and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, but dropped out to sing with her first punk rock band, the young snakes; the band released the EP Bark Along with the Young Snakes in 1982, and a compilation album was issued in 2004. In 1983, seeking a return to “sweetness and melody”, she co-founded with Berklee classmate and boyfriend Michael Hausman the new wave band ’Til Tuesday, which achieved minor success in 1985 with its first album, Voices Carry. In 1993 Mann released Whatever, her first solo album. Promotion suffered due to the collapse of her label, Imago. While only a small hit, the album was critically praised, and paved the way for her next release, 1995’s I’m with Stupid, through Geffen Records. Again, reviews were positive, but sales were weak. Mann has released a total of 10 solo albums most recent being ‘@#%&*! Smilers
‘ released earlier this year.

Freeway – From 2008 Album ‘@#%&*! Smilers’ –

Video – From 2005 Album ‘The Forgotten Arm’ –

Calling It Quits – From 1999 album ‘Bachelor No. 2’ –

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