Butterfly Boucher

31 07 2008
Butterfly Boucher

Butterfly Boucher

Butterfly Boucher is an Australian singer/songwriter. Butterfly’s sister had a band, The Mercy Bell, in which Butterfly played bass guitar. In 2004 and 2005, Boucher toured the U.S., opening for Sarah McLachlan and Barenaked Ladies.

Butterfly Boucher

Butterfly Boucher

Butterfly currently resides in the United States. She released her first track of the album, “I Can’t Make Me,” in the UK first. It did poorly. However, when she released that track along with “Another White Dash,” her U.S. success was assured. While a second album is in the pipeline, there is no official date for its release.

The more I hear her voice, the more I want to listen to her music! It’s understated singer/songwriters like this that I appreciate and feel like it’s worth spending money on; when you buy the music, because it’s something personal they’ve poured their heart and soul into, unlike some commercial rubbish out there. This is what real talent should sound like.

Butterfly Boucher – I Found Out (LIVE)

Credit: thebutterflyboucher

Butterfly Boucher – I Can’t Make Me Love You:


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